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Specializing in all aspects of civil litigation, from pleadings to appeals, in the state and federal courts sitting in the New York City metropolitan area, our team of professionals will give your case the focus and attention it deserves.



We are a boutique civil litigation firm dedicated to handling each of our client’s cases with the individual care they deserve. We understand that every case, no matter how straightforward it may at first appear, presents an opportunity, be it factual or procedural, scientific or medical, to gain a strategic litigation advantage.


We are not a volume, “cookie-cutter” practice; while other firms juggle large case inventories, we take the time to examine every detail, every unconventional legal theory, to develop unique, precisely tailored approaches to protecting our clients’ interests. The results we have obtained over many years of practice speak to our ability and determination to turn strategic advantage into ultimate success.


Our attorneys are in the state and federal courts of the New York metropolitan area virtually every day as we handle civil litigation from the pleading stage through jury trials. We also maintain a robust appellate practice that has generated an enviable track record.

Beyond our team of dedicated attorneys, we work closely with carefully chosen and highly experienced medical and scientific experts, as well as the highest quality private investigators, all of whom give us the ability to deliver a level of representation typically associated with larger firms.

We pride ourselves on the partnerships we have developed with our clients and length of our relationships with them. They include prominent names in the entertainment, retail and real estate sectors, individuals and corporations, all of whom trust us to provide them with the highest level of advocacy available.